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HUNT Productions specializes in filming safaris throughout South Africa. Our professional staff will capture your entire African experience. We film local scenery, camp life, social scenes and the entire hunt scenario. We make sure, that when your memories have faded, the result of this service will endure, enabling you to re-live the excitement of your hunt.

Using the latest camera equipment, our cameramen have vast experience in filming with skill, professionalism and knowledge of the African wilds, ensuring that you get a quality end-product. Although filming is the main priority, we also make use of every opportunity to capture still images. After the safari, HUNT Productions will edit your footage into a final DVD product worth passing on to future generations.

The full length of your movie will be approximately an hour or longer, depending on the duration of your safari.

At HUNT Productions, we are committed to producing a professional, exclusive record of your unique adventure.

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What our clients say

JF de Comarmond

Many many thanks and will certainly promote your work ….. it is an incredible souveneir ….. Read more

Charlie Miles

” … we watched it twice before we went to bed a couple of hours ago. It was absolutely the best we have ever seen” ….. Read more

Siegfried Noel

Received! Watched it yesterday with the kids: fantastic! ….. Read more

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