"Gert, Just a quick note to say thank you for filming our hunt! I could not ask for more. You were spot on with all your filming, not missing any of the action.
The “teaser” video you put together for us to take home was outstanding!! Better than I could have imagined! I can’t wait to see the final product!!!
Your knowledge of animals was excellent as well and very much appreciated! Please feel free to use my name and number for references as you see fit. I will continue to recommend Hunt Productions to anyone I come across. Thanks again." Rob (AKA "Pea Shooter"), USA

"Received! Watched it yesterday with the kids: fantastic! Many thanks again. Top souvenir." Siegfried, Mauritius

"Hi Gert!  The highlights of my hunt video has been a big "hit" here at home.  Thanks again for everything! I also wanted to let you know that if you ever need a reference, especially for someone coming from the US, please feel free to use Deb and I as references." Ron & Debbie Blymire, Ohio

"We just received the video package and we watched it twice before we went to bed a couple of hours ago. It was absolutely the best we have ever seen. You did a fantastic job filming and editing. The replay on the two shots on the buffalo were incredible!  You can actually see the impact of both bullets! We couldn't be happier with the work that you've done on the DVD." Charlie & Tonsy Miles, Texas

"We got our video today and just watched it on the big screen. What a great job you did! Awesome is all I can say!!! We loved "U-pine" night!!!! It brought back all the great memories we made. Just wished we had gotten you in at least one shot!!!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!" Rush family, Texas

"We have watched the wonderful videos daily and have shared them many of our friends and family.  They are AWESOME and will be cherished forever.  Thank you so much, again for your hardwork and creative genius." Butts family, Texas

"Gert, I have to say that you did an incredible job. It looks just like one on my shows. Good Job! Well Done!! And many thanks for all the help. Hope we get to see you on our next trip over." Linda Donaho (American Huntress TV Show), Texas

"Great job. Glad we had it recorded!" Jerry & Zak Beardmore, Texas

"Hi Gert. We have just received the DVD’s and the video is fantastic. It will be a great souvenir for us and I would like to thank you once more for the great job you’ve done. We will definitely come back and for sure will contact you again. Keep well" Patrick Mamet, Mauritius

"The video is fantastic. Many many thanks and will certainly promote your work ….. it is an incredible souveneir." Jean Francois de Gormarmond, Mauritius

"Hi Gert. Arrived home safe and sound. Sorry for the delay in getting back you. We love the DVD, our only regret is we did have you stay with us for the entire hunt. It is much more memorable having the video, and pictures, much more valuable than we ever realized. This is one of those life lessons learned the hard way. There is no way to capture the experience of a safari like a professional such as yourself can with video and stills. The photos and video we were able to take ourselves pale in comparison to the expertise you are able to capture. When we come for our next visit I hope you can be with us for the entire Safari.

Thanks again Gar and Gar Gar" Gar Rodside, Washington DC

"Got the video last night and was just getting ready to write to you when your e-mail arrived. GREAT JOB, Gert. You are a master with the camera and your commentary and editing made it flow beautifully. I know I'm being prejudiced but the clip of my kudu hunt seemed to be the highlight for me. I also liked the way you retained the footage of our earlier unsuccessful kudu hunts and put those in chronologically so that the video flowed from day one with all the hunts accruing as they occurred." Tom Gerrity, Florida

"We were all able to get together last evening and view the DVD as a group of past and future hunters. Everyone thought that your effort and product was top notch. The dvd is sooooo much better than just taking photos and putting them in an album. Everyone that views it says that it makes you feel like you are there with the hunter when he makes the shot. Good job." Mike Krust, Florida

"Hi Gert, Just wanted to let you know Marius sent the DVDs and to let you know you done a great job on them! It was awesome!" Harold Downham, USA


"... did a sensational job filming and editing my African safari. From the field work to the final cut, the production quality is absolutely superb. People can't believe that this is a privately filmed video and some have commented that it looks better than the hunting shows seen on TV. I would use them again in a heartbeat." - Luis Lozada, Las Vegas

"... you did a fabulous job on the video. It was so professionally done. It is something that I will always treasure. It only added to one memorable magic time in our lives, and one that will always be cherished by by us all,...... job well done, by one true PROFESSIONAL" Dave Audette, Florida